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We measure effectiveness.

Not satisfaction.

Training is generally considered to be successful when it leads to learning transfer. However, there are many factors that can affect whether or not learning transfer will occur. 

trevato ensures you assess all aspects. From training design to delivery, to how this affects learners’ attitudes, as well as how supportive their work environment is for applying new knowledge and skills.

Our beliefs


Not asking for feedback after a training session or program is a missed opportunity

Feedback is a gift. It's the easiest way to understand how your training was received and can be a source of inspiration for improving the learning experience.


Training is not successful unless it leads to learning transfer

Learning transfer means newly acquired knowledge and skills are successfully applied on the job. Only if this happens, can training impact business performance.


Traditional 'smile sheets' or 'happy sheets' are outdated and ineffective

It’s always nice when participants enjoy your training, however, research has shown that how much a participant enjoyed a training tells us nothing about learning transfer.

Our framework

We've looked into the research and found over 100 studies that tell us exactly which factors support learning implementation.

That's why we don't ask about the catering or the room size. We focus on those factors that predict whether learning will be applied.

Identify what's holding back the success of your training

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