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trevato is a learning technology company based in Cologne, Germany.

Our goal is to build products that increase learning impact and make the lives of Learning & Development practitioners a whole lot easier.

Corporate training is broken...


Understand which L&D programs are effective and which are not

Understand how to make your training programs more impactful

Understand what's holding back the success of your training

Let's get to know each other and see how we can help you on your learning measurement journey


Global corporate

training spend


Percentage of learning successfully applied on the job



trevato helps you to identify your weak spots 
AND shows you how to fix them



Our mission is to help companies maximize their training impact.

Employees are more likely to retain and apply what they learn if the training is relevant to their work. It is important to evaluate the effectiveness of training programs to determine whether they are meeting their goals and to identify areas for improvement.

trevato helps you to identify weaknesses in training programs and make targeted improvements to increase their effectiveness.

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