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Choose from predefined questions and add custom styling to your survey.


Share your survey via QR code or link quickly and easily.


Review a summary or analyze each question in detail.


Improve with the help of trevato's recommendation algorithm.


Designed for learning transfer

As simple as 1, 2, 3.

trevato's predefined questions and recommendations are focused on measuring and improving learning transfer (the application of learning) and not learner satisfaction.


The easiest way to

prove and improve

training effectiveness

trevato is a training evaluation tool empowering L&D professionals to maximize learning transfer and training ROI through the use of training feedback forms.

Training Evaluation Tool

Become part of our Pilot Program

Get early access and help shape the future of trevato

Save time

Easily create, share, and analyze your training evaluation forms in seconds.

We‘re all busy. Why not minimize the time spent on training evaluation for everyone involved? Make it easy, simple, and user-friendly.

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Ask the right questions

Base your training evaluation approach on science and learning transfer research.

Don‘t ask about the food or the room size. Use preselected questions based on the latest learning transfer research. Focus on the things that influence whether training is applied.

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Get full visibility

Analyze all findings in one place with beautiful-looking dashboards and visualizations.

No more manual data consolidation and visualization. Easily analyze the strengths and opportunity areas of your training and share results with stakeholders through impactful dashboards.

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Turn insights into action

Use trevato's recommendation engine to optimize your L&D programs.

Our recommendation algorithm analyzes the participant feedback you receive and provides tailored advice on how to increase the effectiveness of your training. Start acting on the data you have!

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Only 15% of learning is applied successfully.


Supercharge your training evaluation

Corporate L&D

Demonstrate the value your L&D team brings to the organization! Understand how well your training programs translate into on-the-job application and how you can increase learning transfer.

Freelance Trainers

Create professional-looking training evaluation forms and improve your training design and delivery skills with the help of trevato’s recommendation algorithm.

Training Companies

Show your clients that you use a scientific approach to evaluate training effectiveness and don't just settle for learner satisfaction.


Built for Learning & Development


92% of companies collect training participant feedback, but only 36% say that it adds value.

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